July 2020

Personal details

Peter Hervik, Associate Professor

Aarhus University

Language skills:
– Fluent in English and Danish oral and written.
– Understand and read Norwegian and Swedish.
– Read German, speaks a little.
– Read Spanish and is relatively fluent.
– Elementary Yucatec Maya.

Degrees and Academic level

2020 Visiting Professor, University of Jyväskyla, Finland

2020 Associate Professor, Aarhus University

2016 Associate Professor, Aalborg University

2011-2016 Professor, Aalborg University

2010 Associate Professor, Aalborg University

2009-2010 Visiting Professor, Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo.

2009 Part time lecturer, Department of Anthropology, University of Copenhagen.

2007 Affiliated member of the Malmø Institute for Studies of Migration, Diversity and Welfare” (MIM)

2005 Docent, International Migration and Ethnic Relations (IMER), Malmö University.

2003 Associate Professor, Malmø University, IMER, Peace and Conflict Studies and Political Anthropology

2002 – 2003 Lecturer, Minority Studies, University of Copenhagen

1999 – 2001 Lecturer, University of Oslo, Department of Social Anthropology

1998 – 1999 Lecturer, University of Copenhagen, Institute of Anthropology

1996 – 1999 Research Fellowship. Danish Social Science Research Council and grant from the Ministry of Integration and the EU – Year against Racism.

1992 – 1995 Research Fellowship, University of Copenhagen, Institute of Anthropology.

1992 Ph.D. in Anthropology, University of Copenhagen

1988 – 1991 Fellowship, University of Copenhagen, Institute of Anthropology.

1985 Magister’s Degree in Ethnography, University of Copenhagen

Research visits & fieldwork

2017 Visiting Scholar, Department of Anthropology, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, FALL

2008 Visiting Scholar, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

2005 Research visit to universities and peace and conflict studies institutions in Japan. Hiroshima, Kyoto and Tokyo.

2001 Research visits to University of Virginia, Richmond, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, University of Indiana, Bloomington, University of California, Berkeley.

2000 Research visit, Mexico, Belize, Guatemala.

1998 Research visits to University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and Appalachia, University of Indiana, Bloomington, Northwestern University, and Harvard University.

1993 – 1994 Post-doc fellowship. University of North Carolina, Department of Anthropology, Chapel Hill.

1993 Fieldwork, Yucatán, Mexico.

1989 – 1990 Fieldwork, Oxkutzcab and Merida, Yucatan.

1987 – 1988 Pre-dissertation visit to Yucatán, México

Guest lectures and conference presentations (selective)

2017 “The Coverage of Racialization and Racism in the Danish Press.” Paper presented at Roundtable discussion, “Public Anthropology and the End of Journalism?” Mega-Seminar, “The End”, Sandbjerg, Sønderborg, 16-18 August, 2017.

2017 “Who Radicalizes Whom? Native and Scholarly Uses and Abuses of Radicalization.” Advanced Research Seminar, 16-17 May, Moesgaard, Århus University (With SERR)

2017 “Denmark’s Blond Vision and the Logics of a Nation in Danger.” Key note speech, Swedish Anthropological Association, Annual Conference, April 6-8, 2017, Stockholm University

2016 “The Danish News Media Communication, Neo-conservative Bonds and the Transnationally Shared Core Values.” Paper presented at the International Colloquium of the History Cluster of the Ludwig Boltzmann Society, ”Transnationalization of the Far Right: The Case of Interwar and Present-Day Europe.” Vienna, Dec 1-2, 2016

2016 “Ethical Challenges in the Study of Visual, Racialized, Colonial Representations in Danish Social Media Activism.” Paper presented at the American Anthropological Association Annual Meetings, Minneapolis, November 16-20

2016 “Exploring Moral Outrage and Austerity in Danish Racialization.” Paper presented at the workshop “Moral Outrage and Political Violence”, Sandbjerg Gods, Sønderborg, Nov. 7-9, 2016, organized by Mette-Louise Johansen, Nerina Weiss and Therese Sandrup. Århus University and FAFO, Oslo.

2016 “State Practices and Every Day Experiences.” Discussant (invited), Humboldt University, Berlin. International Conference. Sep 8-9

2016 “Debating Racism and Racialization in the Nordic Countries.” Organizer (with Mante Vertelyte) of a session with three workshops, 18th Nordic Migration Research Conference, University of Oslo, August 11-12.

2016 “Exclusionary Reasoning in Danish Social Media and Web-News Commentaries” (with Anne-Sofie Thorsen), presented as part of the session “Digital Media Cultures and Extreme Speech” organized by Sahana Udupa (Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity) and Matti Pohjonen (Dublin City University (DCU)). 14th EASA conference, 20 – 23 July, Milan.

2016 “Danish Exclusionary Thinking: Ten Years After the Muhammad Cartoon Stories.” Invited presentation for the “Media, Event and Social Theory – Transnational Challenges for Analysis”, University of Tampere, 18 February 2016.

2015 “On the challenge of making sense of Nordic exclusionary reasoning.” Keynote speech at the second seminar of the network on “Racialization in the Nordic Countries”, University of Jyväskulä, November 4-6.

2015 ”Danish Exclusionary Thinking Ten Years After.” Keynote speech at the international conference: “Ten Years After: The Muhammad Cartoons: Perspectives, Reflections and Challenges” at Aalborg University, 28-29 September.

2015 “Diskrimination og Racialisering.” Lecture in the workshop series “Meningsdanner mod Diskrimination.” Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke, ActionAid Denmark. 22 Aug.

2015 “Psychological anthropology and the challenge of making sense of Scandinavian exclusionary reasoning.” Paper presented at the invited workshop “Cultural and Political Selves”, Columbia University, NY, 28 – 31 May.

2015 “The Annoying Difference after 9/11: Neo-racism and neo-nationalism on the rise.” Guest lecture, Central European University, January 15, 2015

2014 “What is in the Scandinavian Nexus of ‘Islamophobia, Multiculturalism, and Muslim-Western Relations’”? Paper presented at the International conference: “Racism and Anti-Racism: From the Labour Movement to the Far-Right”, University of Glasgow, 5-6 September 2014

2014 “The Nexus of Scandinavian Exclusionary Thinking and the Naturalization of Difference.” Paper presented at the 13th Bienniel EASA meeting 31 July to 3 August 2014, Tallinn, Estonia, for the session “Cultural strategies and social conditions of neo-nationalisms in Europe” (with Margit Feischmidt)

2014 “The Nexus of Scandinavian Exclusionary Thinking and the Naturalization of Difference.” Paper presented at the “Migration, Racialization, and Autochrhonous Far-Right Movements” organized by Umut Erel and Nira Yuval-Davis, at the World Sociology Congress, Yokohama 13-19 July, 2014.

2013  “The Knowledge Dynamics of Danish Tourists in Mae Kampong Community Based Tourism.” Co-presented with Sasiwimon Khongmueang. To be presented at the  International conference on Tourism and Culture in Asia 2013, Chiang Mai, Thailand 17-18 Nov. 2013 as part of the session “Culture, Tourism and Social Dynamics.”

2013 “Reflections on being Stuck in the Danish Ghetto and in Mediatized Ghettoization.” Co-presenter: Mante Vertelyte. Presented at the international conference “The Stuck, the Mobile and the Dislocated: Reflections on Life in Ghettos, Slums, Camps and Prisons”, Aalborg University, Sydhavnen Campus, 30 Oct.–1 Nov. 2013

2013 Den Kulturelle Logik i Dansk Forskellighedstænkning. Oplæg til workshop: “Racediskrimination: Begrebsliggørelse, praksisser og indsatser”, organiseret af Tina Gudrun Jensen og Kristina Weibel, som del af I-DAGE 2013, 23-25 oktober, Roskilde Universitet

2013 “The Organization of Outrage against ‘Blasphemy’ in the Muhammed Cartoon Stories.” Presented at the conference “Blasphemy as a Political Game”, The Graduate Institute, Geneva October 17-19, 2013,

2013 “The Islam Debates.” Guest lecture presented at the PhD course on “Media, Globalization and Diversity” as part of the program “New Horizons”,12 August 2013 in Oslo

2013 “Immigration and Racism in Europe:  The Enemy Within.” Guest lecture, DIIS/KU, 23 April 2013, Copenhagen

2013 “The Islam Debates.” Guest lecture and teacher at the PhD course “Media, Globalization and Diversity”, 12 August. Høgskolen i Oslo og Akershus.

2013 “Om race, ‘race’, racisme og ny-racisme i Danmark.” Presented at the seminar “Race: Et farligt begreb? Organized by the “Netværk for Nazisme- og Holocauststudier,” 24 April, SDU, Odense.

2013 “The Complexities of Tolerance and the Challenges of Combatting Intolerance.” Comments and reflections presented at the “Countering Hatred – Supporting Tolerance in Europe”, Knowledge-sharing and Networking Day. Hotel New York, Rotterdam, 15 Jan. 2013

2012 “Danish Media Coverage of 22/7.” Presentation at the 111th AAA Annual Meeting, 14-18 November, San Francisco for the session “Political Anthropology of Scandinavia after 22/7” organized by Heiko Henkel and Sindre S. Bangstad.

2012  “The Cultural Logic of Contestation in Nordic Predatory Identities,” Presented at the 111th AAA Annual Meeting, 14-18 November 2012, San Francisco for the session “Political Selves” organized by Claudia Strauss and Jack R Friedman2012      Solidarity Beyond the Nation State: Diversity, (In)Equalities and Crisis. Recode seminar. Discussant. 11-12 October Aalborg University.

2012 “Enhanced Schismogenesis in Coexisting Forms of Social Exclusion and Inclusion of Migrants in Contemporary Denmark and Norway.” Inaugural lecture, 31 January

2011 “Cultural War of Values: The Proliferation of Moral Identities in the Danish Public Sphere.” Presented at the CEREN workshop Closing off the Folkhem? Helsinki University, 15 December

2011 “The Emergence of Political Spin, Negative Dialogue and Zero-tolerance in Denmark.” Lecture presented at the kick-off conference of the Nordic Populism Network (NOPO) at Aalborg University 8-9 December

2011  “Cultural War of Values: The Proliferation of Moral Identities In the Danish Public Sphere.” Paper presented as part of the session “Pragmatics of Moralities: Sorting out Cultural Ambivalences” organized by Yehuda C. Goodman and Sigal Gooldin. American Anthropological Association, 110th Annual Meeting, Montreal, QC, Canada, November 16–20, 2011

2011  “’If Everyone is Ethnic, Who is the Other?’ A Critical Inquiry into the Ethnicization of Indigenous Groups, Migrants and Nations.”
Keynote for the International Symposium and PhD course Beyond Boundaries: Exploring the Concepts of Liminality and Alterity, 9-11 November 2011. University of Tromsø, Tromsø, Norway.

2011 “Anti-migration i teori og praksis: årsager, faktorer, symptomer og konsekvenser af modviljen og modstand mod flygtninge og indvandrere.” Workshop organized with Susi Meret, I-DAGE, Copenhagen University, Copenhagen, 6-7 October.

2011 “Kulturelle logikker bag den social eksklusion af indvandrere i Danmark.” Paper presented at the workshop: Anti-migration i teori og praksis: årsager, faktorer, symptomer og konsekvenser af modviljen og modstand mod flygtninge og indvandrere”, I-Dage, Copenhagen University, Copenhagen, 6-7 October.

2011 “Reflektioner omkring diskriminations pris og den økonomiske gevinst ved anti-diskrimination.” Paper presented at the SEN-workshop on Anti-diskrimation, Det Kongelige Bibiotek, Den Sorte Diamant, 5. Oktober.

2011 “The Annoying Difference after 9/11: Neo-racism and neo-nationalism on the rise.” Guest lecture presented at Utrikespolitiska Foreningen, Malmö Högskola, 13 September.

2011 “Cultural Logic behind the Social Exclusion of Immigrants in Post-1989 Denmark.” Paper presented at the IMISCOE Eighth Annual Conference: Dynamics of European Migration Space: Economy, Politics and Development, Warsaw 7- 10 September

2011 “Anti-Migration in Theory and Practice: Symptoms, Causes, and Dimensions of Opposition and Resistance towards Immigrants and Refugees.” (organizer). IMISCOE Annual Conference. Warsaw University 7-10 September.

2011  ”Discourse- and frame analysis. Methodological Implications for Qualitative Research based on the examples from the Danish Media Coverage of Ethnic and Religious Minorities.” Aalborg University Summer School on Qualitative and Quantitative Methods for PhD students. 24 – 26 August.

2010 “Fremveksten af politisk spin, negativ dialog og nul-tolerance i Danmark.” Oplæg på konferencen Fordommer Fordummer. Norsk Folkehjelp 23 November.

2010 “Kultur som forskellighed, årsag og fjende.” Gæsteforelæsning International Virksomhedskommunikation, Aalborg Universitet, 28 oktober

2010. “The Perils of Public Anthropology. Debating the Muhammad Cartoon Issue in Neo-Nationalist Scandinavia.” Paper presented at the 11th EASA Biennial Conference, Maynooth, Ireland 
24-27th August 2010.

2010 “The Cultural Bases of Social Exclusion of Migrants and their Descendants in Scandinavia.” Guest lecture at the Institute for the Study of Global Issues, Hitorsubashi University March 3.

2009 “The Muhammad Cartoon Conflict and the Danish Politics of Negative Dialogue.” Public lecture presented at the Institute for the Study of Global Issues (ISGI), Hitotsubashi University, December 11, 2009

2009 “The Muhammad Cartoon Conflict and the Danish Politics of Negative Dialogue.” Public lecture to be presented at (CISMOR), Doshisha University, December 5, 2009

2009 “’Us’ and ‘them’, at home and away. Representations of the other, symbolic power and cultural hegemonies.” Guest speaker at the Symposium in memory of Marianne Gullelstad (1946-2008), organized by the Norwegian Academy of Sciences and CULCOM, May 25.

2009 ”Diskrimination and nyracisme af migranter i Danmark” Guest Lecture, University of Copenhagen. March 7.

2008 Experiencing Diversity and Mutuality. 10th Biennial EASA conference. 26-29 July Ljubljana, Slovenia.

2008 Roundtable on Humanitarian Intervention in Cosmopolitan Perspectives. National Conference on Peace and Conflict Research, 2-3 Oct. Lund University.

2008 Exercising Incompatibility in the Danish Cartoon Affair. Paper for the European Science Foundation, Exploratory Workshops on “Islamization of the Cultural Sphere? Critical Perspectives on Islam and Performing Arts in Western Europe and the Middle East. 22-25 Oct. Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

2007 The 14. Nordic Migration Researchers Conference 14-16 November Bergen.

2007 “ Input-lecture.” Guest lecture for International Research Project on the Media Coverage of Debates about the Muslim Veil. Aalborg University, 8 September 2007

2007 “Ridiculing for Better Integration. Hidden Problems, Implied Solutions.” Paper presented at the IAMCR conference, 23-25 July, 2007, UNESCO, Paris (France). (Co-authored with Carolina Sanchez Boe)

2007 “The Original Spin and its Side Effects: Freedom of Speech as Danish news Management.” Paper presented at the 57th Annual International Communication Associations Conference in San Francisco, May 24-28.

2007 “A View from Denmark: Free Speech as Political Spin. Paper presented at the seminar “Reading the Mohammed Cartoons”, Helsinki 12 April

2006 ”Media Anthropological Reflections on the Writing of History in the Case of the Danish Muhammad Cartoons.” Paper presented at the 9th EASA Biennial conference, Bristol, Sept 18-21, 2006

2006 “Current Danish Conditions and Circumstances for Dialogue” Presared for the Egyptian-Danish Consultative Meeting II in Al-Minya, Egypt, Nov. 1-3, 2006

2006 “Mediated Muslims: Anthropological Perspectives on Jyllands-Posten’s Coverage of Islam 2001-2006.” Paper presented at the 105th Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association, San Jose, November 15-20th, 2006

2006 “Commentary on ‘The Unrelenting City: Practices and Times of Urban Change in the Global South’” by Abdou Maliq Simone Presented at the workshop and symposium “Making Sense in the City. Culture, Community and Identity in an Urban World.” Ghent, Belgium, 17-20 December, 2006.

2005 American Anthropological Association 104th Annual Meeting, November 30 – December 4, Washington, D.C.

2005 “The emergence of neo-nationalism and Populism in Denmark.” Utrikespolisks Föreningen, October 25, 2005. Malmø Høgskola.

2005 ”Kultur och Konflikt” Utrikespolitiska Föreningen Lund, October 19, 2005. University of Lund.

2005 “Local and Global ‘Infiltration’ of the Danish news Media.” Lecture for the Docent degree, April 19, Malmø Høgskola.

2005 “Moralsk Panik” i Danmark. Reflektioner over de sidste to Folketingsvalg.” Dialogseminar March 30, Malmø Høgskola and Malmø Stad.

2005 ”Antropologiske Perspektiver: Race og Racisme.” Institute of Anthropology, University of Copenhagen, February 11.

2005 Course on “Integration” for Employees at Köbenhavns Kommune. Maja Feltman and Mette Larsen (Guest teacher)

2004 Multiculturalisme og politiseret kultur. Institute of Anthropology, University of Copenhagen, November 18.

2004 ”Mediernes Muslimer. En antropologisk undersøgelse af mediernes dækning af religioner i Danmark.” October 28, 2004, University of Copenhagen.

2004 “The Emergence of Multiculturalism.” Paper presented October 27, at the conference ”Beyond Multiculturalism? Britain, Denmark, Sweden”, Malmö and Copenhagen 26-28 October.

2004 ”Et ’kognitivt antropologisk’ bidrag til studiet af de senere års
mediedækning af flygtninge- og indvandrerstof i Danmark.” Key note speech held at the seminar ”Subjektivitet, erfaring og sprog i global og transkulturel kontekst”, September 25, Copenhagen Business School.

2004 “Culture and Conflict.” Guest lecture, presented September 23 at the ESDP – European Security and Defence Policy training session at Sandö, Sweden, September 19-28, 2004.

2004 “Local and Global ‘Infiltration’ of the Danish News Media: A Case Study of Media Anthropology.” Paper presented at the 8th biannual meeting of The European Association of Social Anthropologists, September 8-12, Vienna.

2004 “The Danish Cultural World of Unbridgeable Differences.” Paper presented at the annual meeting of “Svensk Antropologforbund”, Lund, March 12-14.

2004 “Muslims of the Media. An Anthropological Investigation of the Media’s Coverage of Religion in Denmark.” Paper presented at the research seminar, University of Lund, Department of Anthropology, February 17, 2004.

2004 “Media anthropological reflections on ‘The Muslims of the Media.’”
Seminar presentation, University of Lund, February 26, 2004.

2003 ”Mediernes Muslimer.” Paper at the conference “Indvandrerdage” Aalborg University, November 26 and 27.

2003 ”Den danske vært og den generende gæst.” Paper presented at the conference ”Hvad er danskhed?.” University of Copenhagen, February 13 and 14.

2003 “Perils of Public Anthropology. Multiculturalism in Neo-nationalist Scandinavia.” University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Department of Anthropology. November 17.

2003 Guestlectures. University of Stockholm, March 17 and 18.

2002 “The problem of Indigenous Authenticity in the Maya Region.” Roundtable discussion with Mayanists, 101st Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association, New Orleans, Nov. 20-24. (With presentation).

2002 “Towards a More Ethical Mayanist Archaeology” Organized by University of British Columbia (Marvin Cohodas). November 14-17. (With lecture).

2001 “Racism in Metropolitan Areas in the 21st century.” Conference held in Ghent Dec. 16-18. (Keynote speaker).

2001 100th Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association, Washington, D.C., Nov. 27 – Dec. 2, 2001 (With paper).

2001 Guest lecture. Institute of Anthropology, University of Copenhagen. October 8.

2001 “The Annoying Difference and the Evading Discrimination. On New Racism in Scandinavia.” Guest lecture at the Institute of Anthropology, University of Bergen. February 22.
Institute of Development Studies Bergen. February 23.

2001 Contested Realities: An International Workshop on Epistemological Issues in Qualitative research about Visible Minorities in Occidental Urban Settings. IMER September 6-8. Bergen (With paper).

2001 Medierne, minoriteterne og det multikulturelle samfund – skandinaviske perspektiver. International workshop, Magleås. April 30-May 1. (With paper).

2001 Guest lecture at the Institute of Anthropology, University of Tromsø. March 5.
Institute of Social Research/NOVA, Oslo. March 14

2000 15th Nordic-Baltic Human Rights Symposium on Human Rights Education in the Nordic and Baltic Countries, Scandic Star Hotel, Lund, Dec.
7-9, 2000. (Guest speaker).

2000 A Country Unlike Any Other (?): New Perspectives on History in Yucatán. Yale University, November 4-5, 2000. (Discussant)

2000 ”Den modvillige efterspørgsel – et antropologisk perspektiv.” Konference om Etniske minoriteter på arbejdsmarkedet- hvor står forskningen? Arrangeret af Tidsskriv for Arbejdsliv og CASA, Roskilde Universitetscenter, 10. oktober (Guest speaker).

2000 Den modvillige efterspørgsel. Etniske minoriteter på arbejdsmarkedet.Konference: “2. generationsindvandreres tilknytning til arbejdsmarkedet.” Amtsrådshuset, Nykøbing Falster, 23. november, 2000. (Guest speaker).

2000 50th International Congress of Americanists, Warsaw, July 10-14. In the session Five hundred years of Maya Survivalism, 1500-2000, organized by Ueli Hostettler and Matthew Restall. (With paper co-authored with Hilary E. Kahn (Bloomington)).

2000 Anthropological Perspectives on New Racism in Europe. 6th EASA Conference, Krakóv, July 26-29, 2000. (With paper).

2000 Konferencen Likhetens Paradokser, Hadeland Hotell, 10-11. februar, 2000, organized by Forum for Nordisk Etnografi. (With paper).

1999-2001 Department of Social Anthropology, University of Oslo (various guest lectures)

1999 Guest teacher, University of Ireland, Maynooth, November, (various presentations)

1998 International Conference: Discourse Analysis and Social Research, September 24-26, 1998, Sørup Herregaard, Ringsted. (With paper).

1998 Das Institut für Sprachwissenschaft und die Wiener Sprachgesellschaf, The University of Vienna (guest lecture)