Guest lecture in Turku, Finland

On November 10, 2021, I held a guest lecture that was video-recorded. “The Study of Strategic Ignorance: Anthropological Perspectives on Racialization in Denmark.”

In this talk, I show how strategic ignorance works, particularly through the eyes of those who look, talk, write and contest the presence and identity of what broadly is being referred to as migrants. The content draws primarily from the Danish language book “Sådan er det bare.”

Slides from keynote in Jyväskyä, Finland (International seminar on Racialization in the Nordic Countries)

Here are the slides from the keynote speech November 4, 2015 held in Jyväskyä, Finland as part of an international seminar “Racialization in the Nordic Countries”. My talk was called: “On the challenge of making sense of Nordic exclusionary reasoning”. It included talk about the Abu-Ghraib photographs and a Danish cartoon by the Morgenthaler company. This topic is further more dealt with in a forthcoming chapter in a companion volume on Media Anthropology on Routledge (Fall 2022). 

Ny bog ude!

Hvem er vi? Vi ved ikke, før vi ved!

antropologiske perspektiver på oplevelser og reaktioner på racialisering i Danmark

“Sådan er det bare” er et nærmere kig på, hvordan det kan være, at et stort flertal af danskere slår hørelsen fra, når minoriteter i landet fortæller om deres oplevelse af at blive behandlet anderledes.

Workshop: Critical understanding of racialization in the era of global populism, June 3-4, 2019

International Research Workshop

Critical understanding of racialization in the era of global populism

3-4 June, 2019
Venue: Aalborg University, Campus in Copenhagen, Denmark

Organized by SERR (The Study of Experiences and Reactions to Racialization in Denmark). Project leader: Peter Hervik, Aalborg University Denmark
Researchers Tess Skadegård Thorsen, (Aalborg University), Mante Vertelyte (Aalborg University), Carolina Sanchez Boe (Aalborg University, Denmark/ Université Paris Descartes – Sorbonne Cité, France/Aarhus University, Denmark)



New book published: Nordic researchers on Racism, Racialization and Anti-racism

New book is out!

This book represents a comprehensive effort to understand discrimination, racialization, racism, Islamophobia, anti-racist activism, and the inclusion and exclusion of minorities in Nordic countries. Examining critical media events in this heavily mediatized society, the contributors explore how processes of racialization take place in an environment dominated by commercial interests, anti-migrant and anti-Muslim narratives and sentiments, and a surprising lack of informed research on national racism and racialization. Overall, in tracing how these individual events further racial inequalities through emotional and affective engagement, the book seeks to define the trajectory of modern racism in Scandinavia.

More information here