Digital Hate – The Global Conjuncture of Extreme Speech

2021, Hervik, Peter, Gagliardone, Ignio & Udupa, Sahana
Digital Hate: The Global Conjuncture of Extreme Speech provides the first distinctly global and interdisciplinary perspective on hateful language online. Moving beyond Euro-American allegations of “fake news,” contributors draw attention to local idioms and practices and explore the profound implications for how community is imagined, enacted, and brutally enforced around the world. With a cross-cultural framework nuanced by ethnography and field-based research, the volume investigates a wide range of cases—from anti-immigrant memes targeted at Bolivians in Chile to trolls serving the ruling AK Party in Turkey—to ask how the potential of extreme speech to talk back to authorities has come under attack by diverse forms of digital hate cultures. Offering a much-needed global perspective on the “dark side” of the internet, Digital Hate is a timely and critical look at the raging debates around online media’s failed promises.

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Racism, racialization and anti-racism in the nordic countries

2018, Hervik, Peter (edited by)
This book represents a comprehensive effort to understand discrimination, racialization, racism, Islamophobia, anti-racist activism, and the inclusion and exclusion of minorities in Nordic countries. Examining critical media events in this heavily mediatized society, the contributors explore how processes of racialization take place in an environment dominated by commercial interests, anti-migrant and anti-Muslim narratives and sentiments, and a surprising lack of informed research on national racism and racialization. Overall, in tracing how these individual events further racial inequalities through emotional and affective engagement, the book seeks to define the trajectory of modern racism in Scandinavia.

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Can Behaviour Be Controlled? Women in Post-Revolutionary Egypt.

2017, Nielsen, Mette Toft and Hervik, Peter
This book addresses how identity, structures, and agency affect women’s everyday lives in post-revolutionary Egypt. The authors analyse the topic both on a macro- as well as on a micro-level. Through interviews and workshops, women around Egypt express their own experiences in dialogue, in groups and in drawings. Based on the analysis of this material the reader gets insights into personal experiences, believes and opinions of a diverse group of women in terms of age, economic class, education, geography, culture, religion, ethnicity, marital status, and political orientation. The detail-rich empirical material presented in the book visualize that the 2011 revolution works as an utter frame on a macro-level, while different issues are more pressing on a micro-level.

Annoying differenceThe Annoying Difference:
The Emergence of Danish Neonationalism, Neoracism and Populism in the Post-1989 World.

2011, Hervik, Peter
The politicizing of the Danish media and the emergence of neonationalism have polarized Danish society over the last couple of decades. In Parliament, the veil is compared to the swastika; Muslims in Denmark are compared to tumors in need of radiation; and Islam is called a plague that must be fought like Nazism. These three radical comments were made by members of Parliament. There seems to be no limit to what can be said in the Danish public, or what the majority allows itself to say about the country’s ethnic minorities including Muslims.

The Annoying Difference brings together research on three significant historical media events carried out over a period of thirteen years, in order to show the drastic changes and emerging fissures in Danish society and to expose the politicizing of Danish news journalism, which has consequences for the political representation and everyday lives of ethnic minorities in Denmark. In the eyes of the media, the general public, and mainstream perceptions these minorities were annoyingly different, as they refused to reduce their visible and aural differences.

Mayan People withinMayan People Within and Beyond Boundaries.

2003, Hervik, Peter
Social Categories and Lived Identity in Yucatán.
Routledge: New York & London (Rev. London. (Revised paperback edition). Studies in Anthropology and History, Volume 25. Amsterdam:
Harwood Academic Publishers. 

Mediernes muslimerMediernes muslimer.

2002, Hervik, Peter
En antropologisk undersøgelse af mediernes dækning af religioner i Danmark.
Nævnet for Etnisk Ligestilling: København. (Download Mediernes Muslimer)

den generende forskelligedDen generende forskellighed.

1999, Hervik, Peter
Danske svar på den stigende multikulturalisme.
Hans Reitzels Forlag: København.

social experienceSocial Experience and Anthropological Knowledge.

1994, Hastrup, Kirsten and Hervik, Peter (eds.) 
Routledge: New York and London.

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