Mainstreaming the Extreme: Intersecting Challenges from the Far Right in Europe – new article in the journal Intersections

This is the first issue of the new journal Intersections. East European Journal of Society and Politics (EEJSP). As our point of departure, we take a timely subject for European societies: the far-right phenomenon as related to mainstream politics and discourse. Instead of relying exclusively on views of radical developments prevalent in the field of politics, our aim was to bring together insights from sociology, social anthropology, political science and media studies, as well as from discourse and network analysis, and integrate them into a comparative and interdisciplinary study of the phenomenon. As far as the investigated topics are concerned, special attention has been paid to the interplay of media and politics, the discursive aspects of politics, and the role of cultural commodification beyond ideologies on the supply side as well as recent developments explaining increasing interest on the demand side.

Denmark and Hungary are the prime examples used in the article. Read more

The article is co-authored with Margit Feischmidt, Academy of Social Sciences, Budapest.