Xenophobia and Nativism

New paper published!

Xenophobia and Nativism
Hervik, Peter. 2015. ”Xenophobia and Nativism. In “International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences, Wright, James D. (editor-in-chief), vol 25:796-801. Oxford: Elsevier. 2nd edition

Abstract: In everyday terms xenophobia is now used as a reference to dislike of foreigners, anti-immigration, anti-foreign, and/or anti-different groups, while xenophobia in the social sciences have imported semantic changes that reflect the mega-events, including 9/11, the Danish Muhammad Cartoon Crisis 2005/6 and the bombing and killings on 22 July 2011 in Norway.

In the new development xenophobia (including Islamophobic) and Nativism embrace to the idea of cultural incompatibility and the naturalization of xenophobic attitudes following from it. Out of this‚ understanding of xenophobia as a natural reaction, anti-migration springs as a nativist necessity with a right to defend “ones culture” while either legitimizing racism or denying that cultural and political self-defence can be racist.

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